The Club movie plot

2022-04-17 08:01
, Silva, OrtegaAlfred Castro), and Vidal (Alfred Castro) are under the care of the kind, tolerant nun Monicaand Father Ramirezlive in an extremely humble monastery, and their day-to-day lives are disrupted by the arrival of Father Lazcano: with him Also arriving is a wanderer named Sandoccan, who claims the priest has molested him.
Sandokan accuses Lazcano of various crimes to the crowd, and his foul language is so unpleasant that the priest who is under pressure swallows a gun and kills himself. Knowing the news, the church sends a young priest, Garciato the town, who is on a mission to drive the priests out of the monastery and shut it down. Garcia forced several priests to confess their sins: child molestation, collusion with officials, child trafficking. Even so, however, the upright young priest failed to lead his predecessors on the right track. 
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    Anxiety comes back after watching

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    It's not as simple as Samsung said, there is a lot of room for fun

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