The Innocents evaluation action

2022-04-17 08:01
Agnus Dei, a film based on historical events, is a gripping story about the nature of faith and how war can break the divide between the sacred and the mundane. Most of the film's scenes are set in a convent, where the nuns' prayers are pure and moving, in stark contrast to the ugliness of the outside world. In addition to the fate of the nuns, the film explores some compelling moral issues, including the nature of faith, the competing demands of motherhood and religion, God and morality   .
"Agnus Dei" is a film told from a woman's point of view, with faith at its core. The film was shot in muted tones of black, white, taupe and grey to contrast with the brutality of soldiers and nuns during World War II. The actors' performances are wonderful, and the dialogue is restrained but powerful, conveying the inner pain of religious women, enhancing the authenticity of the performance, creating a depressive atmosphere, and enhancing the artistry of the film   .
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  • Antonio 2022-04-17 09:01:13

    Quiet but cool. Church, nuns, nuns, doctors, children, family members, even the Soviet Red Army. . . Who is innocent and who is really guilty?

  • Jevon 2022-04-17 08:01:01

    A group of nuns who were raped and conceived by the Soviet Red Army asked a French nurse for help. The narrative includes two aspects: on the one hand, the nuns struggle between humanity and divinity, and on the other hand, they are rescued to awakening In the process of self-rescue, a large number of cumbersome scenes from the perspective of female nurses are not helpful to the narrative, diluting the contradictions faced by the nuns and the process of their awakening and transformation. This separation of perspectives makes the film less appealing

The Innocents quotes

  • Maria: You know, faith. At first, We're like a child that his father holds by his hand, who feels safe. A moment comes and I think he always comes where the father will let you go. We're lost, alone in the dark. We call, nobody answers. We're getting ready, we're surprised. We're hit in the heart. That's the cross. Behind all joy, there is the cross.

  • Maria: Dear Mathilde, the dark clouds have been hunted. We have here the sun in the sky. And you are in our hearts. Other wars may come. Other dangers threaten us, it will soon be difficult to write to us. But whatever our fate is, I feel ready to face it. I know, even if it makes you laugh, God sent you. Let him accompany you through the trials and that joy never misses you. Yours, Maria.

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