The Congress evaluation action

2022-02-04 08:09
In terms of animation style, the film continues Director Ali's thick-framed color blocks and a realistic sense of color. In terms of content, Ali changed the realism in the waltz and entered a futuristic sci-fi field, which is a change and breakthrough in the theme   .
In the film "The Congress", the director expressed a pessimistic tone, without the irony of the original. However, the director made a similar problem with Aronofsky's " The Fountain " in his presentation: using too many words to tell a too simple thing. It seems top-heavy to end a sci-fi film with plain and simple human emotions. And as the audience can see, "The Congress" is complicated in form and full of brain holes, and the film can be explored more thoroughly   .
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Extended Reading
  • Wayne 2022-04-24 07:01:26

    A bit broken, the screenwriter is still good

  • Kole 2022-03-20 09:03:10

    The first part and the second part of the movie can be seen completely. The first part is a satire on the spirit of entertainment in today's society. It cuts through the pain points of the movie market. Many people watch movies and stars for pure curiosity and entertainment. something behind. The second part of the film perfectly uses animation to undertake not abrupt, but it looks magical, and it is a satire on the development of science and technology. It can be regarded as another version of The Matrix, just more general.

The Congress quotes

  • Robin Wright: Does that make sense? Or is this just in my mind?

    Robot: Ultimately, everything make sense. And everything is in our mind.

  • Jeff: We at Miramount, want to... want to scan you. All of you - your body, your face, your emotion, your laughter, your tears, your climaxing, your happiness, your depressions, your... fears, longings. We want to sample you, we want to preserve you, we want... all this, this... this thing, this thing called..."Robin Wright".

    Robin Wright: What will you do with this... thing ? That you call Robin Wright?

    Jeff: We'll do all the things that your Robin Wright wouldn't do.

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