Rundskop evaluation action

2022-06-23 17:18
"Bullhead" is a sad song about destiny. When innocence is gone, there is only a cycle of retribution for evil and evil. The whirlpool of tragedy has swallowed up the beauty in people's hearts, and they can only be reduced to the slaves of fate.  
The film is known as a milestone in Belgian crime films because of its urgent plot and shocking protagonist performances. The plot is complicated and the atmosphere is gloomy. Films that have both of these tend to have no gaps to ease their emotions, which will cause many people to stay away. Even if they watch it, they are just watching from the sidelines, and then calmly raise some questions.    
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Rundskop quotes

  • Charles Richter: Go on, those Walloons don't understand a fuckin' word we say.

  • Sam Raymond: OK. OK. Piss off, partner. I'll screw yours too then, but you're paying.

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