Rundskop behind the scenes gags

2022-06-23 19:03
  • The film uses a lot of dialect, and eventually had to be subtitled when it was released in the United States.
  • The film was inspired by the 1995 assassination of veterinary inspector Karl van Noopen.
  • The film was shot in Flanders, Belgium, where the director himself grew up.
  • The film is director Michael R. Roscam's big-screen debut.
  • Matthias Schoenaerts has endured 2 years of physical training in order to play the role of muscular Jack, gaining 27 kilograms, and really turned himself into a muscular man. In addition to this, he and the other actors also learned the local dialect of Flanders. 
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Rundskop quotes

  • Jonge Diederik Maes: Girls!... They've got tits, periods and God knows what else!

  • Sam Raymond: You know what's wrong with you?... You've got no balls!

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