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2022-07-06 22:53
As the leading figures of the Jacobins, Maximilien François Marie Isidore de Robespierre and Georges Jacques Danton were close comrades-in-arms. However, after taking power, they had serious differences due to issues such as policy platforms. In the end, Maximilien François Marie Isidore de Robespierre sent his former comrades to the guillotine.
Maximilien François Marie Isidore de Robespierre implemented a "reign of terror" in France in 1794, guillotining many people on suspicion of counter-revolution   .
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Danton quotes

  • Robespierre: You admit a dictatorship is needed. That means the nation is unable to govern itself and democracy is only an illusion.

  • Éléonore Duplay: A good revolutionary must be tough. Article One.

    Éléonore Duplay's young brother: All men are born free and equal under the law. Social differences...

    Éléonore Duplay: [slaps her brother's hand] Must be based...

    Éléonore Duplay's young brother: On the public good. The principle...

    Éléonore Duplay: The goal.

    Éléonore Duplay's young brother: The goal of political parties is the good of the nation.

    Éléonore Duplay: Freedom.

    Éléonore Duplay's young brother: Freedom is being able to do whatever does not harm others. Therefore - the - the - the -

    [Éléonore again slaps her brother's hand]

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