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2022-07-06 12:51
The film reproduces the real state of society after the victory of La Révolution Française. Georges Jacques Danton, a historical figure who petitioned for the French people in distress, was executed by the authorities instead. Director Andrzej Wajda took this to pin his worries on his motherland, The Republic of Poland, because The Republic of Poland was still in poverty and without freedom after World War II, and the people's wishes could not be responded to by the government   .
In view of the situation of director Andrzej Wajda at that time, the story of "Georges Jacques Danton" had to be combined with the political situation of The Republic of Poland at that time. In order to suppress the strike, the government of The Republic of Poland implemented martial law and established a military committee for national salvation, which completely controlled people's life under the control of the military and political authorities. Combined with this history, and then look at the "Declaration of Human Rights" at the end of "Georges Jacques Danton", everything is self-evident   .
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Danton quotes

  • Danton: I'd rather be executed than be an executioner.

  • Danton: Wait! My witnesses heard everything.

    Robespierre: That's why I said nothing.

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