The Terror of the French Revolution

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During the French Revolution, when Dan Dong, chairman of the Public Security Committee of the revolutionary government, realized the importance of individual ethics, he also began to break with Robespierre, a former comrade-in-arms and a believer in collective justice. Danton, who mastered the National Assembly, called for an end to terror and a re-establishment among the people. He did not want to see "the guillotine become a chapel", while Robespierre, under the pressure of the Revolutionary Committee, vowed to "revolutionary Terrorism against counter-revolutionary terrorism".
Polish master Wajda's film is faithful to the entire history of the Great Revolution, during which everyone is restless and furious. We can see Dandong, played by Big Nose Depardieu, revel in the luxury of individual life and scolding others: "If you see poverty as a virtue of the revolution, join Robespierre." In the end, he He became a victim of the changing period of history. In 1794, Fengyue was sent to the guillotine by the people's court established by himself. Five months later, the head of the enemy Robespierre also came to accompany him. This is the history of the Great Revolution made of blood donation, and this is also Wajda's worry about Poland.

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  • Danton: This is politics, not butchery. Use your heads.

  • Danton: I don't want power. I'm 35 and look 60. I'm tired. I'd like to quit. But first I must end the terror, because I'm partly to blame for it.