Rundskop movie plot

2022-06-23 18:22
Jack (helps relatives tend the farm, and an unscrupulous veterinarian is playing him in the hopes of a black-box beef deal with the notorious West Flanders. Not only did he use illegally purchased hormones on the cow, but he also used it on himself. This seemingly peaceful secret deal didn't last long before it was broken by the police's arrest. What comes to the surface is Jack's elusive, complex and shocking past. The arrival of the police is like poking a hornet's nest, causing a series of chain reactions of many characters. Ultimately, these events lead everyone's fate into an unpredictable black hole. It seems that the elusive truth is hidden behind the quiet villages of Belgium. 
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Rundskop quotes

  • Narrator: Sometimes in a man's life stuff happens that makes everyone go quiet. So quiet that no one even dares talk about it. Not to anyone, not even to themselves. Not in their head and not out loud. Not a fucking word. Cos everything has somehow got stuck. There, deep in the fields, under the trees and the leaves, year after year. Then, suddenly it all comes back. Just like that, from one day to the next. No matter how long ago it was, there will always be someone to bring it all back. Because no matter what you do or think, one thing is for sure. You're always fucked. Now, tomorrow, next week or next year, until the end of time. Fucked.

  • Charles Richter: Go on, those Walloons don't understand a fuckin' word we say.

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