The Cottage movie plot

2022-06-22 09:37
David (Andy Serkis) and Pete (Reece Shearsmith) are two little people who get nothing and make jokes. These two crazy guys kidnap a gangster's daughter, Trish (Jennifer Ellison), and speak A ransom of £100,000 was demanded. However, the boss of the gang is not easy to deal with, let alone two newbies who know nothing. Soon, Trish's younger brother Andrew (Steven O'Donnell), who had been involved in planning the kidnapping, arrived at David's hiding place along with two Chinese killers. After going back and forth, the situation suddenly reversed, Andrew was knocked out, and David and Pete became Trish's hostages.
Cui Qian went to a nearby farm to call for help, but only came out of Longtan and into the tiger's den. A more terrifying opponent slowly approached the group
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The Cottage quotes

  • David: [as his brother takes his time crawling over to him] Hurry up for fuck's sake

    David: [holding the farmer at bay by threatening to destroy his photos] Mad... mad... mad bastard... you stay there or she

    [a photo of the farmer's wife]

    David: gets it

  • [last lines]

    Peter: [surrounded by the demented offspring of the farmer] Ohh... you must be joking

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