The History Boys behind the scenes gags

2022-03-24 08:01
·Prince Charles and his wife Camilla came to join in the premiere ceremony with the stars of the film "High School Boy" adapted from the play of the same name.
·On ​​June 11, 2006, the senior judges of the American theater industry awarded a total of six Tony Awards to Nicholas Hytner and Alan Bennett's play "High School Boy", tying more than half a century ago by Mi Le's "Death of a Salesman" won a record.
· Nicholas Hytner and Alan Bennett are the best partners in the creation of drama and film. In "Crazy King George", the former is the director and the latter is the screenwriter and actor.
·Director Nicholas Hittner is not only engaged in artistic creation, but also a business talent. He is the head of the National Theatre in London.
· Alan Bennett joked that he can only be a screenwriter and an actor, and the reason why he has been unable to be a director is that he can never give orders to people. He is often a part-time actor in plays and films for which he wrote, such as "Julie Walters and Her Friends" and "Crazy King George." 
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The History Boys quotes

  • [Dakin is groping Fiona, using World War I as a metaphor for his "assault" on her body. He moves his hand up her thighs but she pushes it away]

    Dakin: What's the matter?

    Fiona: No-man's land.

    Dakin: Ah, fuck. What do I do with this?

    [he points to his erection]

    Fiona: Carry out a controlled explosion?

  • [in an art-appreciation lesson, discussing the nudes of Michaelangelo]

    Timms: These aren't women. They're just men with tits. And the tits look as if they've been put on with an ice-cream scoop!

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