The Crow: Salvation movie plot

2022-10-21 21:45
The 18-year-old daughter of wealthy businessman Randall, Lauren Randall (Judy O'Keeffe), was killed and stabbed 53 times by murderous gangsters, which caused quite a stir in the local area. After investigation, it seems that all the evidence shows that the murderer is Lauren's 19-year-old boyfriend: orphan-turned-truck driver Alex Corvis (Eric Mabis). The police immediately arrested him, and after interrogation, Alex was thrown into prison.
In fact, the murderer was someone else. On the day Lauren was killed, when Alex met Lauren, he found that his girlfriend was not looking right, but Lauren was unwilling to say anything. When Alex was sulking in his car, he was horrified to see a bloody knife stuffed into his car compartment, and then he was knocked unconscious and unconscious. When tried in court, the knife became "hard evidence" for Alex's murder, and several witnesses claimed to have seen the murder. And just like that, Alex was convicted of aggravated murder on a trumped-up charge, and the only thing he could remember was the weird scars on the arm that put the knife in the cabin.
Because his lover has gone, and there is no hope of reversing the case, Alex is disheartened. He no longer appealed, only to die. Finally, two years later, he was sentenced to electrocution. On the night of the execution with thunderstorms, reporters, family members of the victims and other parties came to watch. Alex was surprised to see a scarred arm mixed in the crowd through the gap of the electrocution mask, and then the electric chair was picked up. pass. As he was dying, he shouted "Murder!" (murder!) with his last strength.
Alex died a wrongful death, but the restlessness of his dying days kept him from resting. Out of love for Lauren and a strong will to take revenge on his murderer, Alex is awakened by a crow and transformed into the invulnerable The Crow Salvation. In the process of tracking his wrongful imprisonment, he found that the death of his girlfriend, Lauren, involved a huge force colluding with police, wealthy businessmen, and criminal gangs, and he was only the victim of this criminal gang to clear his name. Alex unleashes a frantic revenge on his opponent. At the same time, the real black hand behind the scenes gradually surfaced, and relying on his knowledge of the crow, he planned to put Alex to death. A thrilling struggle begins.
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The Crow: Salvation quotes

  • Alex Corvis (The Crow): I want to see you bend over... Officer Dutton.

  • The Captain: The dead can return given sufficent motivation.

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