The Cure movie plot

2022-04-09 08:01
Durst and Ari live in a warm and peaceful town and are next door neighbors. They are both boys raised by a single mother, both of whom are eleven years old. But the townspeople feared and formed a high wall, isolating eleven-year-old Durst from his mother, who unfortunately contracted AIDS from a blood transfusion. Every day Durst is in the backyard with the soldiers' toys, looking up at the sky, yearning to go to school and play freely. Airi has always been seen as a misfit child. One day, I had a conversation with Durst across the bamboo fence and got into it. Two lonely children, in their true friendship with each other, disregard the worldly fear of AIDS, and find a safe haven for each other's feelings. Gradually, Ai Rui decided to help Durst heal his illness. He kneaded herbs and boiled soup to make medicine in a whimsical way. He experimented again and again, and even took Durst away from home to interview famous doctors. Sturt and Arie have the most memorable summer trip of their lives, but will they find a miracle? 
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  • General 2022-04-14 09:01:07

    Meeting you, I did not spend this short life in darkness and cold. Crystal clear innocence, big tears.

  • Kayden 2022-04-21 09:03:53

    After savoring the relationship between Eric and Durst, I can really be moved. With the addition of deeper feelings in the plot line a little bit, the referent of shoes becomes so real under the innocence of emotions as emotional sustenance, no Fake sentimentality, restraint and precious.

The Cure quotes

  • Dexter: This one is the worst yet!

    Erik: My grandma says, the worse it tastes, the better it works.

    Dexter: Your K-Mart clerk grandma?

    Erik: ...Drink.

  • Erik: Hey thanks for moving in here. Now all the kids at school call me "faggot" and walk on the other side of the hall.

    Dexter: I gotta live somewhere.

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