Alex Rider behind the scenes gags

2022-04-16 08:01
  1. Anthony Horowitz originally intended to make Mont Blanc the first book in the series when he wrote the novel, but eventually changed his mind   .
  2. Otto Farrant performed an assault Krav Maga for the part of Alex Ryder , climbing, running, cycling, swimming and more with a personal trainer   .
  3. In the original, Military Intelligence 6 sent Alex to replace Alex after his uncle Ian Ryder was killed while investigating a millionaire's computer project "Stormbusters". 's uncle investigates "Storm Busters," allowing the teenage spy to complete his first mission. It wasn't until the second part of the novel that Alex was sent to investigate "Poynter Blanc", when Ian had already died; Intelligence 6 was sent to investigate "Poynter Blanc", and Ian and Alex lived together before Ian was murdered and had some interaction.
  4. The biggest change in the show from the original is that Alex's age has increased from 14 to 16, while Tom Harris actually doesn't appear until the fifth novel, Scorpio. Although the show as a whole is a return to the original, Tom's early appearance makes Alex's image more fleshed out and less isolated   .
  5. In the final scene of the final episode, Tom is wearing a T-shirt that says "The book was better," which is a joke since the show is based on a novel.
  6. Alex's full name wasbefore he went to the Poynter Blanc Academy , which is related to British Prime Minister Boris Johnsonis similar to the full name   .
  7. The headmaster of the Point Blanc Academy was known asin the original ; in the show, his name was changed to   .
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