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2022-04-16 08:01
In May 2017, Eleven Hour Films chose to produce an episode version of the Anthony Horowitz book series for Independent Television . And screenwriter Guy Burt participated in the development of the project . 
In July 2018, Eleven Hour Studios announced that it would be partnering with Sony Pictures to produce an eight-episode adaptation of "Mont Blanc," the second book in the " Elek the Spy " series. Anthony Horowitz, the original writer responsible for the script for the movie " Storm Busters ", is the executive producer of the show. The series is being handled by Sony Pictures Television's international production and global distribution division, led by Wayne Garvey and Keith Legoy. The show was originally developed for Independent Television, but the BBC is no longer involved, so it's up to Sony to invest and find other broadcasters or platform distributors   .
The play uses parts of the first novel in the series, "The Storm Buster ", and adds a new plot, but the overall plot is adapted from the second novel in the series, " Mont Blanc "   .
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  • Brice 2022-04-19 09:03:21

    True and false Monkey King this trick is tried and tested

  • Carolyne 2022-04-16 09:01:09

    The adaptation is quite solid, and the casting of Alex is also ok. I hope there will be a second season.

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