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  • The IT Crowd The IT Crowd

    General 2022-12-23 07:54:11

    Rotating apple

    Time: A certain Sunday in April 2019, some time in the afternoon, probably.

    Location: 52° 12' 9.00" N, 0° 06' 60.00" E, it can be determined.

    Characters (in alphabetical order of last name):

    Fang, Jiayue “Luneth”, Ph.D. assistant, Department of Linguistics, School of Foreign Languages, affiliated to Newnham College;

    O'Brien, Patrick L., third-year Ph.D., Department of Public...

  • Seven Swords Seven Swords

    General 2022-12-14 06:15:28

    old martial arts

    My martial arts complex originated from Mr. Jin Yong. In junior high school, when others were watching fairy tales like Legend of Sword and Fairy, I always watched with martial arts. Qijian is my favorite to watch martial arts like Qijian, because there is not too much love between children, not too much love between you and me, not too much period of love, not too much entanglement, everything is beneficial It's neat and tidy, and the tricks hit the meat, the punches hit...

  • Super Super

    General 2022-12-10 10:46:13

    Forgetting in the materialistic flow and the numbness that grows day by day

    When people grow up, reason, principles, laws, norms...the rules and regulations are superimposed one after another, and finally we are enclosed in an orderly social life.
            All movies brutally reveal our inner impulses that are beyond our reach or beyond our reach. The essence is the same.
            Everyone has a mission and a gift given by fate in this life. I hope that you will be able to react immediately on the spot that fate has given you.
            Even if the other...

  • How I Met Your Mother How I Met Your Mother

    General 2022-12-04 11:40:22

    10 reasons to see HIMYM

    Friends is the pinnacle. Sitcom, which also describes the life of friends, friends, and How I Met Your Mother is worth seeing is
    as follows:
    1. First of all, the title: How I Met Your Mother, how did I meet Your mother's. It's hard to imagine your dad telling you about his youthful romance, especially the little bit between dad and mom. Therefore, when Ted decided to start this long long story 30 years later, his two children became interested, especially his father played...

  • Colette Colette

    General 2022-12-02 09:06:48

    inexplicably like

    From the beginning of this film, I thought I would like it, because the lines that came up were very elegant and beautiful. Maybe it's a British accent, plus the age and clothing, it's very immersive, after all, I'm also a fan of "Downton Abbey".

    Of course, the plot is a bit unrestrained in the back, and the actors' acting skills are also very online, so my standard for watching movies now is whether I can watch it, be attracted, and be moved. This film is qualified.

    This movie...

  • Boruto: Naruto The Movie Boruto: Naruto The Movie

    General 2022-11-28 14:41:11

    Memorial Hokage

    I gave ten points, but it's not just because of this movie, it's the joys and sorrows that Naruto has brought me over the years. Seriously, I'm not interested in their sons and grandchildren's generation, I still want to watch Naruto Sasuke I am very happy with their generation, and I am not disappointed. This movie made me see a brand new Naruto. As the seventh generation of Hokage, he works hard and does not have the laughter of childhood but does not appear dull. To his exhaustion and his...

  • Manhunt Manhunt

    General 2022-11-23 11:00:59

    Hunted: Bomber

    The eight episodes of the FBI crime investigation drama "Manhunt: Unabomber" (formerly known as "Manifesto") on the Discovery channel is scheduled to premiere on August 1, US time. The first episode will be a two-hour episode. "Hundred: The Bomberman" is produced by Kevin Spacey and Dana Brunetti as the executive producers of the show, and Andrew Sodroski, who wrote the pilot episode of the show, is also responsible for the production of the show. The drama is adapted from reality. The college...

  • The Punisher The Punisher

    General 2022-11-18 15:07:05

    Cool!!! Fried!!! Heaven!!!

    One of my favorite things about him is that he is very violent and looks cool with the background music. Although he doesn't have superpowers, he doesn't have anything like going to heaven and earth, but he punches to the flesh, which is as refreshing as watching "Wolf Warriors". In the superhero series, in fact, the focus of the audience is not the plot, as long as the plot has a seven points. The most important thing is to be cool. Even if your plot twists and turns, it is not as good as a...

  • Yuri!!! On Ice Yuri!!! On Ice

    General 2022-11-06 01:18:46

    It's still sports.

    I came here in the mood to watch Tanmei Manga, why did I not want to watch it back then? It seems that I don't know why the default is to sell meat, although the first episode's welfare is the motivation to watch it. After all, I don't really like figure skating at all, but in fact, I still focus on figure skating sports.

    After listening carefully and watching all the character performances, I still repeat it over and over again hhh.

  • Dragonball Evolution Dragonball Evolution

    General 2022-11-05 05:15:02

    I give two stars because of my brother, and two stars because of the special effects.

    It's really cruel. I didn't know until today that I had seen Dragon Ball. I saw it on the bus one day, and I was still wondering if it was Dragon Ball. How did Brother Fa play Dragon Ball? But looking at it, I think it's too bad, this is definitely not Dragon Ball!
    Turns out it really is! ! ! ! ! (⊙o⊙)
    There’s nothing to say about the content. I originally wanted to give it a star, but then I thought that Fa-ge couldn’t run in it, and I was worried when I saw it~~~ At least some...

  • The Beauty Inside The Beauty Inside

    General 2022-11-04 01:18:26

    External beauty comes first

    Korean drama/Korean movie! Still...every two romantic scenes are still the handsome one

    In addition to love, the issue of "identity cognition" comes to mind. Jin Yuzhen wakes up every day and his appearance changes, and the troubles caused by this make him no longer have a normal "life". But who can say that we ordinary people have not changed? Human stomach cells are renewed every 7 days; skin cells are renewed every 28 days; liver cells are renewed every 180 days; red blood cells...

  • The House of Flowers The House of Flowers

    General 2022-11-01 21:44:51

    Forgiveness, tolerance, respect

    Popular, the most magical gummy Netflix has introduced works from all regions of the world this year. It can be said that the works introduced in various regions of the world have been relatively successful. A little warmth is revealed in the chain of interests. The work I’m going to talk about today is a Mexican drama series introduced by Netflix, La Casa de Las Flores), the first season's capacity is 13 episodes and each episode is 30 minutes. While lamenting that different languages...

  • The Thin Blue Line The Thin Blue Line

    General 2022-10-29 07:14:10

    "The Thin Blue Line" After Viewing

    Spent an hour and a half of my life watching this documentary that is not so different from traditional documentaries. What I want to say is that this documentary is different from traditional documentaries, it is a near-real restoration of the case in the form of a similar interview. I don't want other documentaries to be watched and experienced. I feel like it makes people guess, and then understand the deep meaning of it. After seeing the incident of shooting a police officer at the...

  • A Royal Night Out A Royal Night Out

    General 2022-10-14 22:01:09

    British version of "Roman Holiday"

    I have been looking forward to this movie for a long time, because the subject matter is related to the royal family that I like, but I am still a bit disappointed! Because the story is too disrespectful to the Queen of England, and the gap with history is too big, too easy to play!

    The film started on the night of victory after the British victory in World War II. The Queen and her sister Princess Margaret hoped to go out of the palace to play once. It's actually okay here. After...

  • Thappad Thappad

    General 2022-10-07 08:31:14

    India today, when was China?

    It's been a long time since I gave five stars, but this movie really hit me. A family seems to always need a person who gives up on itself, and the family value is ignored by the whole society. Principal Zhang told the housewife students who flew out of the mountain to get out. Japanese medical schools do not recruit female students. When this society praises the greatness of women and enjoys family services, it cruelly demeans a woman's commitment to the family. value. Some people say that...

  • General 2023-09-17 09:08:51

    Let me know more about why I prefer "Nobody Knows", there are several differences: The main body of "Nobody" is the inner world of a precocious teenager who takes up family responsibilities prematurely (the only one in the poster), "Little One". " is aimed at a group (from the title to the poster is the whole family), in the same short space for group portrait description, evenly spread out to each member, the whole seems to be scattered a lot; naturally, the plot of "No" advances It was formed entirely with the growth of the protagonist, as if the wound was gradually healing, "Little" introduced external social forces in the second half to destroy the previous "No"-style illusion (just like the fireworks that only heard its sound), and quietly fell apart. , as if scraping scraps of paper with a knife; "Wu" is a digging into the ground for people's emotions to lead to introversion, "Little" no longer focuses on people's spiritual and emotional predicament (almost all placed on In the role of Ando Sakura, so her part is also gentle and cruel enough to make me cry twice), more open to expressing social phenomena.

  • General 2023-08-17 02:58:05

    The story is complete, the special effects are well done, the character development is clear, the rhythm is relaxed, and there is no lack of Korean style and humor in addition to sensationalism. It is a good commercial film. Son Ye Jin's smile is still bright and charming.

  • General 2023-08-11 05:13:00

    The most comfortable way to relax is to open a British detective drama (drinking a drink)

  • General 2023-08-10 07:09:32

    Hang your appetite till the end. . .

  • General 2023-07-27 09:50:48

    Raw meat is also very refreshing, very B grade

  • General 2023-07-20 19:31:02

    Rewatch again. Like Wang Anyi's "Song of Everlasting Regret", the plot is a vulgar story, so it depends on how the writer and director tell it. At the most charming moment in the movie, the waist, smoke, curtains, and rain threads are all swaying in the rhythm of the music, and the trivialities of the world are blown up, and even the people who watch it are fascinated. Another is the moment of silence, where the characters are immersed in their own thoughts, so that the core of the story is slowly peeled away, waiting for the viewer to sneak in. The story progresses at a normal speed, followed by a moment of silence at a slow speed. The most touching thing is that Maggie Cheung later returned to the old place, stood by the window and burst into tears, reminding me of the end of "Broken Arm Mountain".

  • General 2023-07-20 01:35:08

    I would like to know. When Hitchcock stands in today's advanced technology, what kind of works will he shoot.

  • General 2023-07-05 00:42:24

    A Victorian Feminist X-Men

  • General 2023-06-25 03:46:23

    I almost cried when I heard Nirvana's Come as you are Even though love is so imperfect, full of frustration, sadness and hesitation, we are still trying to find it.

  • General 2023-06-24 14:55:27

    SM your script is amazing! How many times do you have to watch it to understand?

  • General 2023-06-17 16:49:00

    The heroine is my type.

  • General 2023-06-05 13:17:10

    It feels like an insult to the audience if the IQ of all members is dropped. If you don't pay attention to the rhythm of the protagonists, you can see me being so angry~~~ Really, one season is enough.

  • General 2023-05-10 21:13:40

    If you don't have true feelings in your heart, you can only be a musician, not a musician.

  • General 2023-05-09 22:40:03

    The film that pays attention to the psychological problems of U.S. combat soldiers is not popular, a little warm, but very serious.

  • General 2023-05-07 03:58:29

    It feels that 1918 is not so high, and this film is a slightly underrated one. The flaws do not hide the good, 7 points should have