The Dance of Reality movie plot

2022-07-17 23:08
After 23 years in the film industry, Jodo has magnified the strange treasures in the bottom of the box, using his own life as a blueprint to make his own son the embodiment of life, from the shadow of childhood to the pursuit of growth, all erotic songs, dances, beliefs, and rituals are all transformed. For the gorgeous and complex visual elements, the exhibition presents one after another absurd humorous, eerie and disturbing spiritual exploration, just like the Cult version of "8½" , more bizarre than "Mount Athos" , and more direct to the soul than "El Topo" . This is an experimental biographical film, by no means fictional, as all the characters, settings, events are real, but also in Yudulowski's life-guiding narrative, forcing us to stretch our imaginations, push our limits, seize control All transformation possibilities. 
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The Dance of Reality quotes

  • Alejandro as an Adult: [From film trailer] You and I, have only been memories, never reality. Something is dreaming us, surrender yourself to illusion. Live! Everything that you will become, you already are. What you search for, is already within you. Rejoice in your sufferings, thanks to them, you will reach me.

  • Alejandro as an Adult: Money is like blood. It gives life if it flows. Money is like Christ. It blesses you if you share it. Money is like Buddha, if you don't work, you don't get it. Money enlightens those who use it, to open the flower of the world, And damns those who glorify it, confounding riches with the soul.

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