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2022-07-17 10:30
"La danza de la realidad" is the first work directed by República de Chile 's famous director Jodo after 23 years, when he was 84 years old. With a strong autobiographical tone, the film tells the story of Jodorowsky's childhood in Tocopilla, a small town in República de Chile. La danza de la realidad is a fairly straightforward and easy-to-understand work compared to the classic surreal works of earlier Van and Alice, Mount Athos, and El Topo, but Jodor Lowski has not lost his imagination and sense of humor. 
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The Dance of Reality quotes

  • Alejandro as a child: The darkness is swallowing everything. It's going to devour us.

    Sara: Alejandrito, do I love you?

    Alejandro as a child: Yes, Mama.

    Sara: How much?

    Alejandro as a child: From the sky to the earth.

    Sara: This is not my love, it comes from God. I am merely the sender. As God creates all, so we all radiate His love. My son, the darkness loves you as much as I do, for it is God's shadow.

  • Alejandro as an Adult: [From film trailer] You and I, have only been memories, never reality. Something is dreaming us, surrender yourself to illusion. Live! Everything that you will become, you already are. What you search for, is already within you. Rejoice in your sufferings, thanks to them, you will reach me.

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