The Enigma of Kaspar Hauser movie plot

2022-03-13 08:01
A closed basement, dirty and rancid, the orphan Garth Hopper grew up in such an environment. Growing up on water, dry bread and a toy horse, Garth Hopper was lifted from the cellar by his adoptive father and saw sunlight for the first time.
His adoptive father sent him to the city and put him in the care of an officer. The officer called a clerk, and recorded every scar on Garth Hober's body and every item he carried in the typical German rigorous way. Garth Hopper quickly became the center of curiosity for all kinds of characters in the small town. People treated him like an alien, and regarded him as a test of civilization, stimulating his reflexes with swords and fire, and even using things he had never seen before. Chickens to scare him also become people's fun. Eventually, people lost interest and patience, and complained that feeding him had become a burden on the community. So he was sent to the circus, and he was declared by the circus host as "the first weirdo in Europe" with his dull eyes, and became a tool in exchange for people's entertainment for a moment.
Then he was taken in by a kind-hearted scholar, living in a quiet and beautiful garden. Scholars and benevolent maids taught him everyday life and taught him the basics of reading and writing. As a result, Garth Hopper, who was first introduced to the world, began to collide with the seemingly ordinary but extremely violent collision of civilized society.
First of all, Garth Hopper does not recognize the objective and relative world. Scholars told him the tower was bigger than the house, but he disagreed. He stood outside the tower and said that if he turned the height tower, it would be gone, but in the house, no matter if he turned around, left or right, the house was always there. He also does not believe that the apple is dead, because the apple jumps up when it hits the ground, it is not only alive, but also a smart apple.
Several theologians instructed and even threatened him to believe in God, but he said that if he did not learn to read and write well, he could not believe in God, because he did not even have the tools to understand the doctrine of God. When the logician asked him to answer the logical reasoning problem of "Truth Village and Lie Village", he regarded logical reasoning as transparent, and used a "tree frog" question to explain in a clever and humorous way.
In the end, Garth Hober began to avoid civilization, reason and morality in a comprehensive manner. Facing the pretentious and hypocritical British aristocrats, he casually twitched his wool, and accused the nobles of being "like a pack of wolves"; he ran out of the church carols and shouted the hymns like ghosts. Finally, the civilized order could not tolerate such a sharp and straightforward challenge, and Garth Hopper was stabbed to death in the garden.
Before his death, Garth Hober told a story to those who stayed by his side: In the desert, a group of travelers finally reached the northern city after experiencing infinite thirst and mirages. He said he had never dared to tell the story because it was only the beginning of the story and he did not know the end   .
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  • Christian 2022-03-24 09:03:48

    One of Herzo's best films. Classical music, chants.

  • Kari 2022-03-24 09:03:48

    One of Herzo's best films. Classical music, chants.

The Enigma of Kaspar Hauser quotes

  • Kaspar Hauser: It seems to me that my coming into this world was a very hard fall.

  • Kaspar Hauser: Nothing lives less in me than my life.

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