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2022-07-06 11:09
The film seems a bit esoteric and metaphysical, but in fact, those common and small things can reveal the essence of things and the psychological activities hidden behind ordinary phenomena. We can feel that what the film is really trying to say is that most people in real life live in masks, and that has become a sad habit, maybe even a weapon. I don't know if a person will be shocked when he suddenly finds that when he uses a mask in the dead of night, he is much more than his true face. The film won the fifth place in the top ten awards of "Movie Xunbao" in 1966.
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  • Psychiatrist: Sadly, this is not only a finger. It's an inferiority complex in the shape of a finger. It's not that I specialize in treating fingers. I'm a psychiatrist, in fact. Inferiority complexes dig holes in the psyche, and I fill them in.

  • Mr. Okuyama: I wonder if losing one's face deranges one's senses.

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