The Face of Another movie plot

2022-07-06 11:24
Okuyama suffered severe burns to his entire face in an accident, and at the same time lost his relationships with his wife and others. From the indifference of his wife, Okuyama deeply felt that he had lost the most precious thing in the world. Thinking of revenge, he decided to change his face to look like another person to seduce his wife. A neurologist at a hospital was very interested in his mask experiment and decided to meet his request. In exchange, Okuyama had to ensure that he would faithfully report the actions and effects of wearing the mask to the doctor. Okuyama got his wish and put on the exquisite mask made by the doctor according to the mask he provided, and "seduced" his wife with this mask and scolded her severely. The wife said that she knew from the beginning that the masked man was her husband. On a silent night, Okuyama chases women on a whim. Police captured Okuyama and found his medical certificate during cross-examination. The police brought the doctor, who happened to be the doctor who made the mask for Okuyama. The doctor asks Okuyama to return the mask, but Okuyama refuses and assassinates the doctor when he is not looking. The doctor fell, and behind him was a group  of people with the same face .
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The Face of Another quotes

  • Psychiatrist: What if the mask lives on by taking over your body?

    Mr. Okuyama: So I'm a guinea pig after all.

    Psychiatrist: I could mass-produce them. A face, easily removed. A world without family, friends or enemies. There'd be no criminals, hence crime itself would disappear. Unbound freedom, hence no yearning for it. No such thing as home, hence no dreams of escaping from it. Loneliness and friendship would bleed into one another. Trust among people, now so richly prized, would become obsolete. Suspicion and betrayal would no longer be possible.

  • Mr. Okuyama: Did I seduce you - or did you let yourself be seduced?

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