The Forbidden Kingdom evaluation action

2021-12-15 08:01
The theme of "The Forbidden Kingdom" is clear, and the characters have distinctive personalities. Through the careful conception of the director and screenwriter, the film allows the audience to see a psychedelic Chinese fairy world full of kung fu film symbolsreviewed by the   . The "Double J Showdown" in the film takes into account both Jackie Chan's emphasis on juggling martial arts style and Jet Li's stretch martial arts style. The pairing of the two is free and the overall coordination is very tacit   .
"The Forbidden Kingdom" is an adventure film dedicated to kung fu fans. In the film, Jackie Chan and Jet Li's sparring moves complement each other and complement each other. The contrast between these two characters further enhances the entertainment and watchability of the film itself. In addition, Crystal Liu's performance also added a somewhat more innocent performance to the film   .
"The Forbidden Kingdom" is very entertaining, whether it is the jokes made by the protagonist Jason looking at traditional kung fu from a modern perspective, or the gag and ridicule of Jackie Chan and Jet Li. It's just right. The plot of Lu Yan begging for rain in the film makes people smile, but when the rain comes, the urine of the silent monk directly makes the audience burst into laughter   . In addition, the special effects in the film are well balanced with real martial arts. The best part is to see Jackie Chan interpret the drunken fist again, and Jet Li cleanly and fiercely. 
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The Forbidden Kingdom quotes

  • Jade Warlord: No more weapons, no more Chi magic. Fist against fist.

  • [the Monk assists Jason in his training]

    Lu Yan: Hey, he's my student, not yours! Two tigers cannot live on the same mountain. Likewise, two teachers cannot have the same student!

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