The General's Daughter movie plot

2021-12-31 08:02
The highly respected General Campbell is highly regarded for his bravery in combat and his excellent commanding ability. In the upcoming election, he is a strong contender for the vice president. Elizabeth, the daughter of General Campbell, is a senior officer in the fortress of Mackarum. One day, someone discovered that Elizabeth had been raped and killed in a military base. However, no one asked about this, because in a tightly closed place like the army, many things cannot be inquired or answered casually.
US military criminal investigator Brenner was ordered to investigate this convoluted case with his female assistant Senhill, and was given the privilege to arrest anyone from any department. General Campbell, who was in an unusually heavy mood, ordered them to find the murderer within 36 hours. At this time, Brenner's old partner Sarah also came to assist him. With the help of Colonel Kent and others, they began an in-depth and detailed investigation. Brenner found that Elizabeth was mixed in the army. Elizabeth is smart, beautiful, and capable, but she has had sex with many officers on the base and has a tendency to sexually abuse. But Elizabeth's file shows that when she was studying at West Point Military Academy, she used to be a high-quality student with both good qualities. Until the second grade, she suddenly changed a lot and did a lot of disdainful things. Brenner and others were puzzled by this, but soon they found the answer from Elizabeth's psychiatrist. It turned out that Elizabeth had been raped by male fellow students while studying at the West Point Military Academy, but her father, out of his desire for power, asked his daughter to remain silent on the grounds of the reputation of the army and the school. Since then, Elizabeth's trust in her father has disappeared. She took revenge on her father and did many things to humiliate the general, so that General Campbell threatened to punish him severely.
At this point in the investigation, Brenner found that the case was not only very complicated and sinister, but also involved many people, and almost no one could escape the suspicion. General Campbell’s adjutant, Elizabeth’s tutor and boss, Colonel Moore, the governor’s agent, and even Branner’s idol, General Campbell, were all taken in, and many evidences pointed to the general and his officers. But Brenner pulled his cocoon amidst the complicated clues, and finally brought the murderer who killed Elizabeth to an end. And General Campbell, who sacrificed his daughter's life in order to pursue an official career, was also sent to a military court by Brenner on charges of concealing the case and failing to save him   .
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The General's Daughter quotes

  • [Elisabeth Campbell stops to help Brenner change his flat tire]

    Capt. Elisabeth Campbell: Out of gas?

    Brenner: Yeah. That's why I'm looking at a flat tire with a pair of pliers in my hand instead of a lug wrench.

    Brenner: [Brenner stands up after seeing that she's a Captain] Uhh.

    Capt. Elisabeth Campbell: Uh-oh. She's a Captain.

    Brenner: Uh-oh. She's a Captain.

    Capt. Elisabeth Campbell: This looks like the work of 10 chimpanzees.

    Brenner: Well, you just missed the other 9. They got bored and went for a beer.

  • [Brenner thanks Elisabeth Campbell for changing his tire by flirting wtih her]

    Brenner: Golly dang. If you like piña coladas and gettin' caught in the rain, I may just have to marry you, Captain.

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