The Goods: Live Hard, Sell Hard behind the scenes gags

2022-03-26 08:01
  • When Jeremy Piven first came to Hollywood, he worked as a car salesman for a while because he didn't get a film contract.
  • Producer Adam McKay's father was a car salesman with decades of experience, so much of the plot comes from McKay's life experiences.
  • The film is actor Will Ferrell's first film as producer.
  • A lot of improvisations are used in the film. For example, when Reddy meets with clients, the writers do not write any lines for the clients, but let the actors play freely.
  • Will Ferrell played a small supporting role in the film, and his lines were created on set.
  • Director Neal Brennan initially settled on Jeremy Piven as the male lead, because in his opinion, choosing the right person to play Don Reddy would be half done.
  • Jeremy Piven was surprised when he first got the script, because the script was too simple, with only a dozen pages of outline, but he liked the story so much that he decided to star in the film   .
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    Nobody likes a dealer. This is the truth.

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    The laughter is too high, the whip can't reach the bird...

The Goods: Live Hard, Sell Hard quotes

  • Brent Gage: [during lap dance] Oh, that's disgusting! But don't get me wrong... I have an erection.

  • Babs Merrick: You're a virgin?

    Jibby Newsome: Oh, hell no!

    Babs Merrick: Oh.

    Jibby Newsome: No, I been with hundreds of women... maybe thousands. I... I just ain't never really ever made love to a woman. You know, I've done 3-ways, 4-ways, menage-a-tois, menage sept, menage seises... I've sixty-nined, eighty-nined... one hundred fourteened. Golden, diamond and platinum showers. I like that. I mean, I ripped shit up. Done all that... but I ain't never ever made love to a woman.

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