The Goods: Live Hard, Sell Hard movie plot

2022-03-26 08:01
Don Leddyhas just taken on a new mission to save a used car dealership in the small town of Temecula from the brink of bankruptcy due to poor management. He was an out-and-out "savior" whose mission was to bring the agency back to life from a desperate situation.
Soon, Don is moving in with unstoppable momentum with his two side-by-side buddies and working partners , Gibi Newsomand Babs Myrick. Arriving in the community of Temecula, it was a sales frenzy that completely broke the calm and lifeless of the small town. However, it is such a so-called "business wizard" who seems to have a high IQ but is actually a bit crooked. When he met his destined other half and soul mate, he completely fell into love, but instead made everything go wrong. Out of his control, the situation is developing in an unexpected and unexpected direction, which is bound to cause a series of lively chain reactions   .
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The Goods: Live Hard, Sell Hard quotes

  • Jibby Newsome: I'm


    Jibby Newsome: making love.

    Heather: [moans] making love.

    Jibby Newsome: You know what nobody ever told me 'bout making love?

    Heather: What?

    Jibby Newsome: How borin' it is.

    Heather: Yeah!

    Jibby Newsome: [pause] You can do anything you want. My safe word is blueberry pancakes.

  • McDermott: Ten percent real juice motherfucker!

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