Shinjuku Incident evaluation action

2022-02-04 08:01
"Shinjuku Incident" continues the previous pattern of gangster movies, entering Japan on the east coast of the ocean, creating an unprecedented pattern of Hong Kong films, showing a rising trend. The no-no taboo, hot and exciting, and straightforward narrative style, which is characteristic of Hong Kong films, is even more evident in this film. There are many disgusting and violent scenes, such as Ajie's left hand was forcibly inserted into the hot sand of the cauldron of sugar-fried chestnuts by gangsters, and then the gang boss picked up the shovel and shoveled the whole hand away; Ajie was in the last gangster. During the fight, he was severely slashed in the abdomen, and when he died, a mass of bloody intestines flowed out. These scenes were so disgusting that people screamed on the spot. Of course, in the end, Jackie Chan 's body in Tokyo Bay was even more shocking. features of Hong Kong films.  
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