Shinjuku Incident movie plot

2022-02-04 08:01
The story takes place in the 1990s, when Tietou, a tractor worker, risked his life to smuggle to Japan, and decided to find his girlfriend Xiuxiu, who was an orphan in Japan. He took refuge with his friend Ajie from the same village in Japan, and lived under the same roof with the other stowaways. He lived a lower-class life in a developed society and did rough work, but their dredging work was forced to keep up with the rapid price inflation. Life.
Just when Tietou gave up looking for Xiuxiu, he was surprised to find that she had changed her name to Yuko and became the wife of the vice president of Japan's "Triad" Gang, Licheng Changjiang. Tietou decided to take root in Japan and improve his life. Later, he met Lili, who was engaged in mother sang in a nightclub.
They were unable to engage in legitimate jobs in the local area, but Tietou persuaded Ajie to start illegal activities together, which improved their quality of life, and learned Japanese in order to integrate into society and become a literate person. Their group is getting stronger and stronger, life is getting better, and all the brothers see Tietou as their leader.
They profited from the gambling that was guarded by the "Tainan Gang". A timid Ajie was helping his companions guard a gambling machine, and was caught by Gao Jie, the boss of the "Tainan Gang" who saw their tricks. Ajie was cut off by Gao Jie with a chestnut shovel, and Ajie's temperament changed greatly. Tietou decided to take revenge for Ajie, and happened to find that Gao Jie wanted to take Jiangkou's life, so he rescued Jiangkou. Even though Eguchi knew that Tietou and Yuko were old lovers, he still sympathized with Tietou and asked Tietou to kill the chairman of the triad for him. The Tainan Gang's territory was given to him. After Tietou obtained his ID card, he planned to leave the group with Lili and open a small shop in other areas to do business, allowing Applejack and the others to continue his previous business. However, his peaceful life was interrupted by the policeman Kitano who once saved his life. Kitano warned Tietou that his fellow villagers had committed many serious crimes. After Ajie was disabled, he became bold and fierce. The police have set up a file "Shinjuku Incident" to Investigate the Chinese criminal records, and regard the gang of former Iron Heads as the largest Chinese criminal organization in Japan.
After finding out the truth, Tietou decided to cooperate with Kitano. He hoped that all the brothers would return to the shore, but everyone saw that Tietou brought Kitano here and mistakenly thought that he was going to betray all the brothers. At this time, Eguchi only wanted to become the leader of the Japan gang, and wanted to kill Kitano and Tietou who had evidence of his crime. On the other hand, Yuko is held hostage by Eguchi's enemies, and her life is at stake.
Eguchi, Ajie, Tietou, and Kitano meet again. In addition, Gao Jie also brought a group of killers to kill Jiangkou. The five groups of people gathered first to settle the old accounts at one time, and a bloody fight was about to break out. 
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  • Zella 2022-03-25 09:01:23

    Wu Yanzu's line is too routine and old-fashioned, and Jackie Chan's road to success is too idealistic

  • Christian 2022-03-19 09:01:11

    I can attest that in foreign countries, the Chinese specialize in beating the Chinese.

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