The Great War and Modern Memory movie plot

2022-07-20 21:55
A case that spans 35 years can be grand enough to have far-reaching significance. The two detectives are inspired by the burning flames, thinking that behind the missing Purcell girl was an unfathomable child trafficking network. The pink room seems to be related to pedophilia. The corpse of the Purcell boy found in the cave with his hands crossed in a prayer position, or involved in cults and mysticism. To make the quest more thorough, Hines suffers from a strange amnesia, loses his wife, and is often suddenly surrounded by darkness. He was forced to cut off all contact with the outside world and faced these problems face to face. At this time, he is like a hero at the end of the road, knowing that he has no way out and must trace the Purcell case and his life back from the beginning.
For the missing Purcell girl, the one-eyed black man who participated in the kidnapping, Miss Hoyt who forcibly detained the girl pretending to be her biological mother, the little boy who loved the Purcell girl since childhood, and Woodard who was shot and killed, the case also has completely different meaning. In the repeated switching of the three time periods, the truth of the case was gradually spelled out, and the life of Hines became clear together, as well as the stories of those who were destroyed by the case   .
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The Great War and Modern Memory quotes

  • Detective Roland West: [about going to a whorehouse] It's more honest than most relationships.

  • Detective Roland West: I'm a feminist... They want to sell me a piece of ass, they got the right... Shit. You're gonna pay for it one way or another.

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