The Grudge 3 movie plot

2022-06-22 21:16
The bloody murder of Jack Kimberler's (Matthew Knight) family has caused a stir in Chicago, and Jack himself was brutally murdered in a nearly ward of a closely monitored mental hospital. Since then, the apartment where Kimborough's family is located has become a well-known haunted house in the city, and residents have moved out of the place. Only apartment manager Max (Gil McKinney) and his sister Rose (Jadie Hobson) and niece Lisa (Johanna Braddy) persist in living here. The young and sickly Rose seemed to be able to see the pale boy, and Max's state became more and more strange.
Kayako's younger sister Naoko (Emi Ikehata) came to the apartment through the newspaper. She knew that Kayako's resentment was not over yet, and the evil spirit's new killing had just begun. 
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The Grudge 3 quotes

  • Naoko: If the curse is not stopped, more people will die, you must understand!

  • Naoko: [holding a bowl of human blood, speaking in Japanese] The blood of my sister.

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