The Hills Run Red movie plot

2022-10-20 22:58
In 1982, the controversial Italian director Wilson Weller Cockayne released his only work, The Hills Run Red. The film was quickly withdrawn due to many scenes of brutal abuse, all copies have since disappeared, and the director and crew have not been heard from. Over the years, film historians around the world have tried to find this legendary work, but only one brutal trailer has survived.
Twenty years later, super fan Tyler (Tad Hilgenbrink) is fascinated by the legendary "The Hills Run Red", he does everything possible to find all clues about the film, when he learns Cockayne's only daughter, Alyssa (Sophie Monk), lives nearby when she decides to set off to find out. At this time, Alyssa had become a stripper, and he ignored Taylor's request. The obsessive, almost insane Taylor kidnapped Alyssa in order to make a documentary about "The Hills Run Red". His efforts were rewarded, but it also opened a door to a horrible hell. 
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