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2022-01-12 08:02
"The Man Without a Past" is a black comedy about survival with a strong sense of humor. By thinking about the alienation of Finnish society and paying attention to the problem of homelessness, it eulogized the warm power of human nature and condemned society's ruthless oppression of the disadvantaged. The film focuses on the life of the bottom people in Finland and tells the simplicity and kindness of the poor people at the bottom. On the contrary, the bank staff and policemen who are the wealthy class of the country are selfish and cold. This kind of comparison between social recognition of identity and personal characteristics creates a sharp effect, making the film full of realist criticism.
The climax of humor in "The Man Without a Past" appeared when the lawyer who came to bail and the police competed over the legal provisions. Although the old lawyers were slurred, they explained the specific provisions of the law to the point. The wind is falling everywhere, it seems lack of confidence. So the protagonist who was about to go to jail was released in this way. This somewhat absurd contrast once again enhances the comedy atmosphere of the film. In this silent language of the lens, those on the fringe who wander outside of the mainstream society have been given the brilliance of humanity by the director Aki Kaurismäki. The poor did not lose their dignity and morality, but the oppression of them by the privileged class was deeply exposed in the conversation of the bank robbers. 
The story of "The Man Without a Past" has a Chaplin-like happy ending and a classic photography style. Although the film has a violent and shocking beginning, the end has become a unique and moving allegory. Director Aki Kaurismäki still relies on his quirky, funny and abstract style in the film, adding a humorous taste to the film with a sense of humor that imitates the rhythm of rock music, and a line of dialogue.  .
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The Man Without a Past quotes

  • [M is renting an abandoned shipping container]

    M: When can I move in?

    Anttila: As soon as I turn my back.

    M: And the keys?

    Anttila: You see a lock anywhere?

    M: No.

    Anttila: Don't go splitting hairs then, or I'll take the door, too.

  • [M is cooking dinner]

    Irma: Are you sure I can't help?

    M: I think it's ruined already.

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