The Hit List movie plot

2022-04-13 08:01
Walking in the bustling crowd on the street, Allen (Cole Hauser) can't hide his frustration and frustration. In addition to working diligently for the boss for 9 years, he is still a worthless little employee. In addition, the fact that his wife was unfaithful also deeply pierced Ellen's heart. In order to relieve his depressed mood, Allen came to a small bar, but he did not expect that this move would involve him in a strange and dangerous thing.
In the bar, Allen meets a strange man named Jonathan (Cuba Gooding Jr.), Jonathan claims to be a killer, but Allen disagrees. Jonathan tells Allen that he can kill five people for him for free, and asks Allen to make The Hit List. Alan, who thought it was a prank, gave the list, but he didn't expect that the people on the list actually died one after another overnight. In order to protect the remaining people on the list, Allen began a battle of wits with the killer. 
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The Hit List quotes

  • Jonas Arbor: I am your friend, Allan. Because I got the balls to be brutally honest with you. Complete and total openness, no skipping paragraphs. Everybody else in your life is full of shit.

  • Detective Neil McKay: Now what the fuck is going on here, Campbell? You got ties to two of these vics and possibly a third. I got one dead cop and you at the scene waving a gun.

    Allan Campbell: Look, I tried to tell you...

    Detective Neil McKay: No, you told me a joke. Two guys walk into a bar. Fucking hilarious.

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