The Kennedys movie plot

2022-07-17 19:00
On the History Channel, which is devoted to documentaries
el) "dumped", the controversial eight-part miniseries "The Kennedys" has finally found a new owner it's willing to air: The Reelz Channel. The cable TV station announced the broadcast date immediately after obtaining the broadcast rights: April 3, 2011.
According to The Hollywood Reporter, Reelz Channel is an independent cable station affiliated with Family enterprise Hubbard Media Group. It's a Minneapolis -based company that owns a number of local radio stations across the United States. So the Reelz Channel is compared to the History Channel , from Caroline Kennedy, daughter of the late US President John Fitzgerald Kennedy (John F.Kennedy), Kennedy's niece Maria Shriver and Hyperion Publishing. The behind-the-scenes complexities are likely to be much less.
The 8-episode miniseries stars " Little Miss Sunshine ," " Ghost Town " star Gregory Greg Kinnear (Greg Kinnear) as former U.S. President John Fitzgerald Kennedy . Former The First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy is played by Katherine Noelle Holmes (Katie Holmes), 32-year-old wife of Thomas Cruise Mapother IV . "Sister Tom" Katie Holmes sometimes wears a noble dress in the play, sometimes wears a floral dress and has an ambiguous shoulder with Greg Kinnear, and sometimes wears a white dress to show her gentleness, quite like Jacqueline Lee The style of Bouvier Kennedy Onassis . In fact, the former The First Lady was highly respected by the American people for her friendly personality, beautiful appearance and fashionable dress. And Robert Francis "Bobby" Kennedy (JFK's younger brother) is portrayed by " Saving Private Ryan " actor Barry Pepper .
"The Kennedys" was originally planned to be broadcast on the History Channel, but because of alleged falsification of history and confusion, since its production was announced in December 2009, it has sparked great debate among historians of The Kennedys and on the political left. Theodore Sorenson, an adviser to former President Kennedy, called it "vengeful" and "malicious" on the front page of the New York Times after seeing an earlier version of the script.
Although the History Channel immediately asked experts to review and propose revisions, but under pressure from the outside world, in order to avoid angering the upper body, the broadcast plan had to be cancelled. A History Channel spokesperson said: "While the film is superb in terms of performance and production, after seeing the final dailies, we feel that such a dramatic rendition is not in line with the historical nature of the channel's ongoing history. Brand."
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