The Killing Gene Casting for w Delta z

2022-07-11 22:40
James Richardson said: 'We've known for a long time that 'w Delta z' has a solid and exciting script with realistic descriptions and distinct personalities, so we tried to find the best actors possible. As soon as there is good material, the news will of course spread quickly, and well-known actors in the international film industry have begun to recommend themselves. It's an actor's dream movie, and it's unusual in terms of subject matter, and few people can guess what's going to happen next, let alone the identity of the serial killer. The development of the plot is unpredictable, which makes many actors feel excited. '
Swedish superstar Stellan Skarsgard was the first to receive a script from Richardson, as they collaborated on Two Kisses and Two Shots in 2000. The " Pirates of the Caribbean " actor said: "We became good friends after that film and it's always a joy to work with friends. I was looking for the A very different script at the box office, so I found w Delta z's story to be very engaging and the dark side to be well written. The more ethical, moral and existential questions surrounding the core equation in the film, The shocking impact of the story is even greater.”
He added: "The character of Eddie Young reminds me of the cop I played in 'Tit Tot'. The more the plot of the film develops to the climax at the end of the film, the more terrifying and brutal turns take place. This character The character and personality of his are very interesting and I can't wait to interpret. Of course, he started out as a tough detective, but then I saw his tough exterior slowly crack. I think being able to rise and fall with this character is definitely a Worth the ticket price."
He added: "Eddie is a man full of secrets, and he lives with a lot of personal baggage. My interpretation of the character is to play him as a person who suppresses his emotions. A choppy undercurrent, so I didn't show too much at first, but his serious character slowly cracked, and there was a shocking ending at the end that cut him apart until he was naked in both body and mind Come out." Stellan Skarsgard said: "I'm a less confident person, and I have to get an endorsement from the creative team to make sure the explicit carnage is realistic enough, so w Delta z is not just a Killing horror movies, not just blood splattered brutality, but also a stronger psychological basis, definitely delving into basic human nature in a state of fear. I didn't know Tom Shacklen at first, but I used to and the first time Having worked with directors who have directed, I was relieved once I found out that our interpretations of torture and abuse were the same. Tom was able to tell the story in depth and he was capable enough to perform well. The intuition for this kind of thing is never wrong.”
Tom Shacklen added: 'I fell in love with Stellan Skarsgard after watching him perform 'Breaking the Waves'. He is very good at conveying thoughts, secrets and feelings, and he can do it without too much action. He is indeed a good actor. It was also a great experience working with him, and without Stellon, the film would have been difficult to make. He's an important character, very smart, generous, high standards, thanks to him on many occasions, and I didn't make a fool of myself. After passing several of Stellon's tests, he is willing to try whatever he encounters, no matter how extreme or inappropriate it seems at the time, he is a good actor anyway, and other actors also I love working with him. '
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