The Killing Gene movie plot

2022-07-11 12:36
Eddie (Stellan Skarsgård) is a seasoned police detective who has been immersed in all kinds of brutal and horrific murders over the years, and Eddie's personality has begun to change. Apathy and numbness. A series of vicious cases have caused panic in the city. The murderer's bad methods and murderous personality are unheard of before Eddie. With the help of his partner Helen (Melissa George), Eddie has The case was investigated.
As the investigation deepens, a notorious gang that has been lurking in the city for years surfaced, and Eddie appears to have a relationship with a man named Daniel (Ashley Walters) in the gang. Unexplainable relationship. Helen found that the murderer who was hiding in the dark seemed to want to give some clues by leaving strange symbols on the body, and Eddie's unbearable past was hidden in these clues. 
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The Killing Gene quotes

  • Helen Westcott: He's not gonna stop till he finishes the equation

  • Helen Westcott: He's not going to stop till he answers the equation

    Helen Westcott: He's not going stop till he completes the equation

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