The King and the Clown movie plot

2022-03-02 08:01
During the reign of King Yeonsan, the 10th king of the Joseon Dynasty, the tyrant Yeonsanincompetent, causing corrupt officials to run rampant and the people to live in poverty.
Zhang Shengand Kong Jiare jugglers in a small market who came to Hanyang, the capital, because of a grudge against others. They satirizejun and his concubine Zhang Lu-shuiin a street performance , which was well received by the people. However, he was discovered by the government and arrested in the name of being disrespectful to Wang. While being tortured, Zhang Sheng yelled at the incompetent officials. But I didn't expect them to be released because of this, and they were brought to perform in front of Yan Shanjun. It turned out that the artists were afraid of the cruel Yan Shanjun and could not let go during the performance, so many people were punished for this. Jun Yanshan promised them that as long as he could laugh, he would let them go. Because the two were nervous, they couldn't make Jun Yanshan laugh. At a critical juncture, the gentle Kong Ji was in a hurry, and showed his funny skills, which made Yan Shanjun laugh. Afterwards, the two were left in the palace, ready to entertain Yanshan Jun at any time. Kong Ji was especially favored by Yan Shanjun because he looked like a woman.
The companions are like companions, and they are by their side in times of danger. The ministers wanted to use the timing of their acting to admonish the king. So, the two rehearsed a scene in which women in the harem killed each other because of jealousy. Unexpectedly, it reminded Yanshan that his biological mother was killed by the previous king because of jealousy. Angry Yanshan killed two of the former king's women on the spot! The performance turned into a sea of ​​blood, so rumors that the clown seduced the king to kill again spread to the palace.
Kong Ji used his body as the price to become the owner of Xiletang, and Jun Yanshan gave him the right to manage artists across the country. But Zhang Sheng, who likes Kong Ji, thinks he is blinded by power. At this time, Zhang Lushui, who had been favored by Yanshan Jun for a long time, was especially jealous of Kong Ji and humiliated Kong Ji everywhere. In addition, she forged Kong Ji's handwriting to write a book of paintings and calligraphy that slandered Yanshan, so that Jun Yanshan wanted to kill again. 
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  • Jeanne 2022-03-15 09:01:11

    Lee Joon Ki is handsome and beautiful...

  • Ethyl 2022-03-15 09:01:11

    Don't tell me what I'm licking is Lee Jun Ki's face

The King and the Clown quotes

  • [From subtitles]

    Gong-gil: [atop a tightrope] To be up here, away from the bustle, my legs like wings would spread.

    Jang-sang: [from below] Ahoy! What is that flower in full bloom I see yonder?

    Street musician: Dost thou not recognize the one and only?

    Jang-sang: So it is! The one and only! With rose petal'd lips. O Friend, beat thee thy leather while I go pick the flower.

    Gong-gil: [watching Jang-sang ascend the tightrope] My, my, there comes a fool, rash and proud! Never knew a fool who knew his place!

    Jang-sang: Ho! A tongue most untamed! Master of this house am I, come to bait thee!

    Gong-gil: A gallows-hung scoundrel is what I see with an ill-fitting coat to hide his sores!

    Jang-sang: Oh thorny Rose, is thy iris closed for me? Open them, and see as I walk the Master's gait. Oh, really!

    [Jang-sang precariously walks across the tightrope]

    Jang-sang: [finally reaching the other side] Good heavens! Me thought it would be a mere hop and a skip but t'was longer than a runny trip to the outhouse!

    Gong-gil: [having climbed down] Master gait, master bait, either way strains the balls!

    Jang-sang: And now, a fornicating wench, running off upon being surprised. 'Tis thy own form, saucy wench.

    [Jang-sang quickly walks back across the tightrope again]

    Gong-gil: I was expecting to see thee fall and crack thy frame. But not bad!

    Jang-sang: Indeed, gifted are my two legs, but it is my third that has true genius - and thou shall see it this night!

    [Jang-sang performs acrobatics on the tightrope]

    Blackhat: Master wants to see you.

    Gong-gil: Thy twin eggs, are they cracked yet or just in the crack?

    Jang-sang: [as the crowd laughs] Safely in the crack, plugging my bunghole! But now, I must drain my bladder. I gotta pee before I continue!

    Gong-gil: Why, you dirty boor! So then, let's try it on for size!

    Jang-sang: Good idea! I shall oblige!

  • Jang-sang: Kingly is he who struts for a while, then exits in style.

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