The King and the Mockingbird Production process

2022-01-29 08:08
In the late 1940s, Paul Grimault and screenwriter Jacques Preville conceived the animated feature film "The Shepherdess and the Chimney Sweeper" based on the fairy tale of Hans Christian Andersen. The film began production in 1947 with a production team of more than 100 people at most. By 1950, the film was less than 80% complete. Producer André Sarou, under financial pressure and despite the objections of Paul Grimault and screenwriter Jacques Pleville, finished the original draft of the film, which was officially released in 1952. The 62-minute "Shepherdess and the Chimney Sweep"released . In fact, Gurimo had lost control of the film since 1950, and he was adamantly opposed to the 62-minute version, arguing that at least 20 minutes should have been cut, so the film was far from his original intention. The incident led to the breakdown of the relationship between Gurimo and Andrei, who set up a new studio   and used his spare time to paint the rest of the film himself.  .
In 1967, Gurimo obtained the sole copyright of "Mu"   . Some companies in the United States and the Soviet Union approached Gurimo to invest in the film, but he refused because the other party insisted on using his own production staff instead of Gurimo's team. In 1976, he finally got enough money to regroup on a large scale and changed the title to The King and the Mockingbird. The film contains the original filmmaking footage of the original, as well as some additional parts that were left unfinished in the 1950s. Although the material of "Shepherd" is used, the film is actually a remake, and most of the animators of the film have participated in the production of "Shepherd"  .
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  • Ophelia 2022-04-21 09:03:29

    The king is right in the eye hahaha. There are so many organs in the palace. Is the throne of the king a modified bumper car? The carp-shaped single-person motorboat is really advanced! Also out of the cottage Batman ah ha ha! Adored by the "Guide Bear"

  • Eryn 2022-04-21 09:03:29

    While one wants to gain great power, one can also cultivate one's xinxing, which is higher and more difficult to achieve than any one-sided achievement. Most people can only choose one of them. And most people choose the former, get a lot of material enjoyment, and at the same time grow into the kind of people they sneered at before. People vent their dissatisfaction with authority through animation works, just like the final punch of breaking the cage cast by authority with the machine cast by authority. People like white and hate black, but white only appears white against black. Black and white are indistinguishable, so the human world is forever gray. Only if you keep a trace of whiteness in your heart, will you have the desire to live.

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