The King and the Mockingbird movie plot

2022-01-29 08:08
The story takes place in the fictional kingdom of Tajikadi, where the ruler is "King Shire the fifth plus three equals the eighth, and the eighth plus eight equals the sixteenth His Majesty", who has neither a queen nor relatives and is addicted to shooting He Zhuniao, a brutal, moody dictator who slams people into dungeons at every turn, even his confidant, the Detective Chief, is doomed. The king hated his people as the people hated him. The bird also has a great hatred between the king. Although the king is cross-eyed, he once hit the bird's wife with a crooked hit. Therefore, the bird is not polite or afraid to the king, and its nest is Built on top of the Tajikadi Palace, only it dares to laugh at the king's cross-eyed.
King Charles XVI liked to collect paintings, and also liked to have his portrait painted, but the painter who painted him painted cross-eyed because he obeyed the facts, and was tragically thrown into the dungeon. Charles XVI came to the king's secret room on the 297th floor, placed his portrait, and corrected his cross-eyed eyes into normal eyes before falling asleep contentedly.
That night, all the portraits and sculptures in the secret room came to life. The two figures in the painting of the secret room, the shepherdess and the chimney sweep, come to life in the painting and confess their love to each other. However, the portrait of the king coveted the beauty of the shepherdess and forced her to marry him. The old pedantic sculpture next to him also tried his best to match the king and the shepherdess, and even set the wedding ceremony to be held as soon as the clock struck twelve o'clock in the middle of the night. In order to avoid the upcoming wedding with the king, the shepherdess and the chimney sweep decide to run away. The king woke up at this time, but was thrown into the dungeon by the portrait king, who replaced the real king. The fake king has exactly the same temperament and personality as the real king, but with more evil ways of ruling, he sends the police to hunt down the lovers who also escaped from the painting. So in order to escape the pursuit of the police, the chimney sweep and the shepherdess began a thrilling escape with the help of birds.
They went through many hardships and escaped the pursuit of the bat police, but the king used the most powerful giant robot in the palace to capture them, the shepherdess was forced to agree to marry the king, and the boy and the bird were imprisoned in the dungeon. With his three-inch tongue, the bird incited the beasts in the dungeon to overthrow the king, rushed out of the dungeon, liberated the people in the dungeon who could not see the sun, and then broke into the king's wedding scene and rescued the shepherdess. Bird manipulates the king's robot to destroy the palace    .
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  • Payton 2022-04-24 07:01:24

    #DocumentaryPhoto# A very special French animation, the bad king and the good bird each have their own symbols. After watching it, I actually remembered "Animal Farm", especially the last scene, the contemplative giant, rescued the bird from the cage, and then smashed the cage violently. When the king's castle fell, the spring of freedom seemed not far away.

  • Douglas 2022-04-24 07:01:24

    I don't understand the Mandarin dubbing

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