Arthur et la vengeance de Maltazard creative background

2022-07-13 20:01
The film is more whimsical in its action-making and more poetic in its narrative. For example, the flashbacks of the movie let the audience know the past experience of Princess Selena, which allows the audience to walk into the inner world of the little princess and feel the rhythm of her life. In the first film, audiences have been looking at the character through Arthur's eyes, and little is known about her. This time, you can really step into her life world.
In addition to a few familiar main characters, this sequel adds a lot of characters, and one of the main features is the number of characters. Especially the new villains and unicorns, the director wants to make them more terrifying and aggressive. Pierre Buffin, the computer stuntman in charge of the 3D effects, said they even had to create images that stayed on the screen for less than five seconds. And the features of those existing characters have to be improved, because they are all beginning to look old.
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