Arthur et la vengeance de Maltazard

Arthur et la vengeance de Maltazard

  • Director: Luc Besson
  • Writer: Patrice Garcia,Luc Besson,Céline Garcia
  • Countries of origin: France
  • Language: English
  • Release date: December 2, 2009
  • Runtime: 1 hour 47 minutes
  • Sound mix: Dolby Digital EX, DTS-ES, SDDS
  • Aspect ratio: 2.35 : 1
  • Also known as: Arthur and the Revenge of Maltazard
  • "Arthur and the Revenge of Maltazard" is an animated film released by Europa Films in November 2009. The film was directed by Luc Besson and voiced by Alfred Thomas Highmore , Sel , Jimmy Fallon , Stacy Ann Ferguson and others.
    The film was released in France on December 2, 2009. It tells the story of Arthur's visit to the mini-kingdom again and the reunion with his lover Princess Selena   .


    • Release date December 2, 2009
    • Filming locations France
    • Production companies EuropaCorp, TF1 Films Production, Apipoulaï

    Box office


    €65,000,000 (estimated)

    Gross worldwide


    Movie reviews

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    • By Shania 2022-09-09 10:27:53

      Like index: ★★★

      Compared with the first part, the viewing ability and imagination are better, but what really deserves extra points is that the villain at the end turns into a "human", which finally makes the conspiracy creative. Instead, Arthur and the princess are a man and a woman. The protagonist is relatively lackluster, and deliberately satisfying children's adult dreams can only make the story younger. I have always wondered why the so-called fairy tales and magic will definitely be related to feudal...

    • By Arielle 2022-07-13 20:30:36

      young male protagonist

      Three years later, this magical mini-world has continued again, and with good news, there will be a third installment.

      In the second part, the world has become more magical and interesting, and many unimaginable things have been revealed, but the structure of the story is still a little different, no wonder the IMDB rating is as low as 4.9, I always think Lucbe Song is a good storyteller, but why hasn't the structure of these two cartoons been very reasonable?

      The heroine...

    • By Ashleigh 2022-07-13 18:19:44

      Screenplay quality

      Arthur and His Mini Kingdom 2 is a movie I've been wanting to watch for a long time. I watched the English dialogue version on TV a few days ago. To be honest, I was very disappointed after watching it. It couldn't be worse than the first movie. The whole plot of the story is too compact. The main animation is eager to tell you something, but it is a mess. When I was in school, the teacher mentioned that when he was talking about animation and movie scripts, a good story script should have...

    • By Vanessa 2022-07-13 17:48:56

      Why can't I send it out?

      Why can't I send it out? Why can't I send it out? Why can't I send it out? Why can't I send it out? Why can't I send it out? Why can't I send it out? Why can't I send it out? Why can't I send it out? Why can't I send it out? Why can't I send it out? Why can't I send it out? Why can't I send it out? Why can't I send it out? Why can't I send it out? Why can't I send it out? Why can't I send it out? Why can't I send it out? Why can't I send it out? Why can't I send it out? Why can't I send it...

    • By Sterling 2022-07-13 16:35:07

      so funny

      Went with good friends. Originally, I was going to see the whole city in love, but the grade time was not right, so I just watched this.
      I found that this movie is really suitable for two good friends who have nothing to do (note: they are not couples) and watch it casually when they are just wandering around. . . Because it is very 2. .
      But the advantage is that you don't have to worry about it, you can look at it giggling, it's like watching a happy sheep, it's very easy. And I...

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    • By Ulices 2022-09-11 20:05:27

      It is indeed a trailer for Arthur 3. Where is the...

    • By Bernadette 2022-09-04 18:44:15

      I feel that the whole film is very impetuous and chaotic, with no theme, and I fell asleep in the middle... There is a big gap with the first...

    • By Domenick 2022-07-13 20:11:36

      The plot is too boring, and it left a big tail at the end, and a sequel is inevitable. Luc Besson doesn't want to make a series, right? Arthur's parents are the funniest, and Grandpa's role is so pitiful that he can't tell that he was a heroic character before. There's little to see except that Freddy is still cute. The ending song is actually Poker Face. . . ....

    • By Emmitt 2022-07-13 19:35:57

      1. It's a very long trailer. I wasted my expression and I was looking forward to it. 2. The ending song is actually a cover of poker face. It's too thunderous and too copycat. With , can only say The director is not suitable for this type of film, and I heard that he refused to use 3D. Is this filming for commercial purposes? "Then please go to the cinema and watch the next...

    • By Delaney 2022-07-13 17:47:29

      I didn't dare to expect too much from the second part because I was afraid of disappointment. But I really liked it today, the combination of reality and animation is very good, and the Chinese dubbing is also very good~ I saw the climax and it ended suddenly, so people are looking forward to the next...

    Movie plot

    The little boy Arthur embarks on his wonderful adventure in order to find his long-lost grandfather and save the dire back garden. According to the clues left by his grandfather, he came to the world of Mini Kingdom, where he fell in love with Princess Selena at first sight, and established a deep friendship with Prince Beta and the bar owner Max. With his brave spirit and wit, he smashed the invasion plan of the evil Matazade, won the...
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    Behind the scenes gags

    Inspired by the combination of Broadway in New York and Rue Pigalle in Paris, "Road to Paradise" in the play, the city's neon lights are replaced by glowing caterpillars and the passing vehicles are replaced by colorful insects.
    The design of the movie costumes focuses on highlighting the fashion of the 1950s. To create these garments, chief costume designer Olivier Beriot drew inspiration from advertisements and magazines of the Taobao...
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    Creative background

    The film is more whimsical in its action-making and more poetic in its narrative. For example, the flashbacks of the movie let the audience know the past experience of Princess Selena, which allows the audience to walk into the inner world of the little princess and feel the rhythm of her life. In the first film, audiences have been looking at the character through Arthur's eyes, and little is known about her. This time, you can really...
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    Shooting process

    The film crew arrives at the rebuilt Connecticut village in Normandy. In order to meet the script requirements, the crew expanded it to 40 square kilometers. Luc Besson and his chief set designer Hugo Tisandia recreated social life throughout the countryside: churches, shops, supermarkets, garages, hardware stores, police stations, cinemas and fountains. These new elements are not in the first, they build a complete village. One of the...
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    Director Luc Besson is proud of a pioneering work known as the "vine-like technique", which combines three techniques: footage shot on location and unprocessed footage of Alfred Thomas Highmore as a backdrop. Together, simple stunts like using models to get a close-up of when the giant vines wrap around Arthur, and pure 3D techniques to make the scene look as real as possible. Directing these sequences proved to be quite difficult,...
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    Evaluation action

    Following the great success of his first work, Luc Besson brings a sequel to Arthur and his Mini-Kingdom. More action scenes are dizzying, and the combination of live action and 3D animation reaches a near-perfect level. (Review of "Seven Days TV Program") 
    Arthur and the Revenge of Maltazard delivers on its promise. Demon-possessed chases and good-boy suspense unfold in this sequel, with the young hero on a mission to return to the...
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