Arthur et la vengeance de Maltazard movie plot

2022-07-13 14:36
The little boy Arthur embarks on his wonderful adventure in order to find his long-lost grandfather and save the dire back garden. According to the clues left by his grandfather, he came to the world of Mini Kingdom, where he fell in love with Princess Selena at first sight, and established a deep friendship with Prince Beta and the bar owner Max. With his brave spirit and wit, he smashed the invasion plan of the evil Matazade, won the heart of the princess and successfully rescued the grandfather and kept his back garden.
In a blink of an eye, Arthur is about to celebrate the tenth full moon night, after which he will be able to return to the mini-kingdom and reunite with Princess Selena. In the mini-kingdom, everyone is also preparing to hold a grand banquet for the arrival of Arthur. The little princess Selena specially put on a colorful dress woven with rose petals. However, Arthur's father chose the much-anticipated day to announce that his vacation at his grandma's house would end early. Just as they were about to leave Grandma's house, a spider delivered a grain of rice with a distress signal to Arthur's hand. There is no doubt that Selena is in danger. Arthur is ready to go to the rescue, even if the temporary passage to the mini-kingdom is very difficult. Arthur is lucky enough to enter the mini-kingdom, landing in Max's bar and bumping into a group of Krubs, the new cruel rulers of the seven continents. Arthur successfully rescues the prince, fighting mice, frogs and terrifying spiders. When Arthur came to the mini kingdom city, he learned that everyone did not send a distress signal to him. It turned out to be "Demon" Mozart, who wanted to use Arthur's passage to come to the human world and make himself bigger and stronger. New adventures await Arthur   .
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