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2022-07-13 12:03
How many kinds of mental illnesses do people in modern society have? Cleanliness, fear of darkness, fear of the wilderness, . In medicine, these terms can be classified, but when it comes to individuals, they are completely different. According to the treatment method of George Floyd 's "Soul Traceability", the doctor needs to assist the patient with the cooperation of the patient to slowly trace back to the pain that is hidden deep in the heart and seems to have been forgotten by the patient but affects the patient's life in an abnormal state. Experience, then face it, solve it, in order to achieve the purpose of curing heart disease.
The idea of ​​"Boogeyman 2" is based on this psychological treatment method, and then supplemented by the story pattern of the claustrophobic series of murders, in order to achieve a thrilling but high-level effect. This is a combination of content and form that should be expected by the audience, but due to the excessive use of American plasma, the film has finally been reduced to the point where it is almost impossible to go to the theater.
The film begins when the two brothers and sisters witnessed the killing of their parents when they were young, which was undoubtedly very shocking for the children, so both children fell into the problem of dark fear, they believed that in the dark place There will be an evil spirit, and this evil spirit may attack him all the time. Of course, this dark representation is the wardrobe, and behind those neatly arranged clothes hides an extremely dangerous unknown. The two brothers and sisters lived in this situation for ten years. The brother finally got effective treatment in a mental rehabilitation hospital and planned to go to another place for an interview. In this case, the sister could only be admitted to this mental rehabilitation hospital.
So, what followed was the night, the closed hospital, the patients died in different ways, and more importantly, the existence of the evil spirit. There is no doubt that as a commercial film, the focus of the plot will inevitably be on the death process of these patients. In order to better reflect this process, the film routinely prepares the groundwork in the early stage, and analyzes the symptoms and characteristics of each patient. As well as character are reflected through several interviews. For group play, this is extremely important, and how these patients are different will mean different things (or attitudes to encountering) they encounter.
The next thing is the killing begins. The idea of ​​​​the film is quite good. For everyone, the way of death is designed according to the patient's condition. Of course, this is the joint effort of the director and the criminal. Therefore, after a person with cleanliness accidentally eats cockroaches, he will desperately seek a kind of washing, even if the washing liquid is strongly corrosive, he will not hesitate. This kind of death is quite shocking. The psychological power of the patient's cleanliness is so powerful that even if he knows that he will lose his life by drinking corrosive liquids, he has to wash the uncleanness of his body, which makes all viewers have a kind of soul-touching of awe.
But it is a pity that although the plot tries to design a suitable way of death for each patient, it seems that only the case of cleanliness is successful. It seems that the connection between these killing methods and the patient's symptoms is too far-fetched, and there is no obvious suggestion, so the degree of bloodshed must cover up the killing method. The director wanted content expressed. Of course, the deaths of several doctors added to the murderer's brutality, which seemed to have nothing to do with the gist of the story.
The main character in the film is the hospitalized sister. In the previous foreshadowing, the younger sister was indeed a patient with dark fears, but when the killing began, the younger sister seemed to get rid of the identity of the patient and immediately became a person who lived in a black shop by mistake. The daring tenant, and begins to fight that evil spirit in a pretentious manner, without transition, this sudden transformation is absolutely impossible for the audience to accept. Obviously, the sudden change of the younger sister makes the story change towards bloody excitement.
When everyone died, the younger sister finally saw the incarnation of the evil spirit. It was her brother who suffered from nictophobia like herself . It turned out that the brother was forced by the doctor to be locked in a dark room to face his own heart disease, but the result was the opposite. Not only did my brother not come out of the dark shadow, but he became an evil spirit full of revenge. He's going to take revenge on everyone in the hospital the way doctors do to him.
The criminal motive that the film assigns to the murderer is basically plausible, but this motive cannot be reflected in the killing scenes throughout the film's interpretation. In fact, this means that the theme of the film is seriously out of touch with the way of expression, and the main reason for this phenomenon is the randomness of the screenwriter and the mediocrity of the director.
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