Arthur et la vengeance de Maltazard evaluation action

2022-07-13 18:40
Following the great success of his first work, Luc Besson brings a sequel to Arthur and his Mini-Kingdom. More action scenes are dizzying, and the combination of live action and 3D animation reaches a near-perfect level.  
Arthur and the Revenge of Maltazard delivers on its promise. Demon-possessed chases and good-boy suspense unfold in this sequel, with the young hero on a mission to return to the kingdom of Minimo to save his sweetheart.  
The 3D technology in the film is impeccable, but the film stops abruptly before the end of the story. (  
The animation technology of the French BUF studio is amazing. And the perfect fusion of live action and animation goes to Luc Besson.  
The film is filled with action and hilarious footage, and while there's plenty of humor and kindness, the stunts overshadow the characters.  
Arthur's new adventure in the miniature kingdom can only be regarded as a transition, it has prepared all the groundwork for the third work, but it is not a stand-alone film.  
The fantasy world of the miniature ink people is exciting enough, but their appearance is not enough to offset the barrenness of character dialogue and the absence of a real script.  
As the only film introduced in the Spring Festival schedule, "Arthur and the Revenge of Maltazard" gave people a rich viewing experience. From the exquisite pictures to the vivid three-dimensional characters, to the plump and prominent scenes, it can be said that "Arthur and His Mini Kingdom 2" has more bright spots than the first in terms of visual aspect.  
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