Good Dick movie plot

2022-07-13 17:50
The heroineis the daughter of a big boss. But she was at odds with her father, so she left home, moved to an apartment building near the suburbs, and rented a small house to live alone. Bored and bored, she spends her time watching rented pornographic videos every day. She has no job, no friends, and doesn't even talk much. She lives at home alone.
The herois a Polish immigrant who has not been to Los Angeles for a long time. Unable to find a job, he had to work in a video store, renting video tapes or recommending movies to customers coming and going. The house he rented was demolished, and he had nowhere to go and no money to live in his car.
Because the girl often goes to the video store where the boy is located to rent DVDs, the boy has a love for the girl. One day he plucked up the courage to approach the girl, but unexpectedly was rejected by the girl. The boy who was not discouraged tried his best to find out where the girl lived, and walked into the apartment rented by the girl with a lie that his aunt was sick. At night, he stayed at the girl's house, but slept on the sofa. The boy left early the next morning. He tied a rope to the girl's feet to guide her to find clean clothes. On the second and third days, the boy would sleep on the sofa every night. One day they made a bet and the winning boy and girl slept in the same bed. But some claustrophobic girls don't allow boys to touch her. They dated like this for a long time. Girls are often hysterical, often crazy and angry. But the boy always had a smile on his face, as if it was all predestined   .
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Good Dick quotes

  • Woman: You're disrupting my whole life.

    The Man: All I am is good for you.

  • Woman: I just thought of one more rule. If you get a boner, you're out.

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