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2022-07-13 18:02
"Good Dick" is an odd movie, unlike any romance we've seen before. What's weird about this movie is that it breaks the usual Hollywood model of being a talented person and a girl, and the vulgar slang that permeates the whole film may also make the audience feel a little uncomfortable. The role played by Mariana Parka, although a little exaggerated, still presents the predicaments women face in modern society, such as insecurity, wariness of men, autistic tendencies and so on. The role played by Jace the Ace from Outer Space is probably specially created by the film's creators to call for the return of men's spirit. Brave, persevering, and compassionate -- the shining points of these men, in men around the world, are being slowly disappear. Overall, "Good Dick" has the "look" of a commercial comedy, but it has a literary heart inside. It is simple and interesting, but also has depth, which can make people laugh and also bring a touch of emotion.  
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Good Dick quotes

  • Woman: You're disrupting my whole life.

    The Man: All I am is good for you.

  • Woman: I just thought of one more rule. If you get a boner, you're out.

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