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2022-06-23 13:44
The film is a combination of horror and comedy. Some people say that it is inspired by "Shaun of Zombies", but it is not. "Zombie Strippers" is based on Eugène Ionesco's absurdist drama "Rhino", and the script was written by director Jay Lee himself. So the underground strip club in the film is called "Rhino"   .
The filming was very contrived, and if the sound was turned off, it would be mistaken for a Shakespeare play; the props and sets were fake, and the plastic model was put on the head and the person left; in the plot, the person who was shot in the face got up. , or let the girl be exposed without any reason or any symptom   .
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Zombie Strippers! quotes

  • Ian: Let's see if I got this straight - our best stripper is a reanimated corpse who is feeding off the living flesh of our customers, who in turn reanimate, even if they're just a fucking head?

    [nervously laughs]

    Ian: You don't see this as a problem?

  • Sox: How's it feel... death?

    Lillith: It feels like snow and stars.

    Gaia: Aw, that's pretty!

    Lillith: I remember once lying in the snow under a clear blanket of stars, there were so many stars... You couldn't comprehend what it was like. That vast un-knowable void. But now I understand it. I feel I'm a part of it, that infinite nothingness... I wanna strip. Who's on? Fuck it, I'm gonna dance.

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