This is a movie, surpassing 90% of domestic movies

Kenton 2022-06-23 14:32:35

Okay, it's a movie

First, no brainer

My intelligence quotient can basically understand, but the bad guys still get retribution in the end. No, it’s a bit of a bite, right? It’s a bit of a moral. It’s really good. In reality, the Arab Spring eventually turned into a blockade on Wall Street.

Second, the producer is kind

Unlike domestic products, who want to take off and dare not take off, scratch their heads and make postures, but also want to hide. When I was a child, everyone was in Ye Zilin. That garbage actor and garbage director really wasted a lot of our pro-spring. This film is full of dry goods. I really worry about how it will play out later, but it's okay to watch it. After the film, there will be violence, and after the violence, there will be nausea. Finally, there will be some sexy mercenaries to remind you. It's kind of interesting to pick up a ring.

Third, don't get angry after reading it

Unlike some domestic films, either the actors and actresses are delicate and pretentious, or the director is trying to reason with you. If there is a good film, you have to make some morals to make you accept it, and you will get angry when you watch it. I didn't kill it, and I even got a set of theories about not killing it for you to think about. Get angry after reading it, I want you to teach me

Fourth, there is no fourth, give points

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Zombie Strippers! quotes

  • Jessy: Your optimism makes you an idiot.

    Berengé: What did you call me?

    Jessy: An idiot.

    Berengé: No, an optimist! Don't you ever call me an optimist again!

  • Madame Blavatski: But what about the girls, huh? They're good girls.

    Jessy: They're zombies.

    Madame Blavatski: No. They're strippers.

    Berengé: [cocking shotgun] They're zombie strippers!