Zombie Strippers! evaluation action

2022-06-23 22:26
"Zombie Strippers" is approved by horror fans. It's by no means the kind of well-made movie, and a lot of times it's deliberately parodying bad movies for comedic effect. And this film is very sincere, not letting the two words of the title - "zombie" and "stripper" fail   .
Despite its attempt to satirize the greed of American Republicans, the film actually shows that Zombie Strippers is still such a crappy movie that the men's penchant for strippers even seems inhumane. While the director wanted so badly to make this comedy work, it actually sucked, not even a successful parody   .
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Zombie Strippers! quotes

  • Dr. Genet: The virus is based on the human X chromosome, so it stays more pure from woman to woman. But once you get a man in there, like everything else, it all goes to shit.

  • Maj. Camus: So what do we have to do to take one of these zombies down, doc?

    Dr. Chushfeld: Well, what works for us is we've been surgically removing the medulla oblongata.

    [Camus cocks shotgun and blows a zombie's head off]

    Dr. Chushfeld: Or that.

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