The Last Waltz release date

2022-03-14 08:01
Country/ prefecture release/release date (details)
The United States of America USAApril 26, 1978
The French Republic France May 1978.(Cannes Film Festival)
The Kingdom of Sweden Sweden 30 June 1978
Japan Japan July 1, 1978
Denmark Denmark July 10, 1978
The Federal Republic of Germany West GermanyJuly 13, 1978
Netherlands 27 July 1978
The Republic of Finland Finland July 28, 1978
Republic of the Philippines Philippines April 3, 1979. (Davao)
The French Republic France October 1997.(Montpellier Mediterranean Film Festival)
The United States of America USA April 5, 2002.(limited) (re-release)
Japan Japan August 4, 2002.(Tokyo)
Commonwealth of Australia Australia 22 August 2002.(re-release)
Japan Japan October 30, 2002.(Tokyo International Film Festival)
Denmark Denmark March 21, 2003.(re-release)
Taiwan Taiwan July 19, 2005.(Hohaiyan Music Film Festival)
The French Republic France December 14, 2005.(re-release)
The Republic of Italy ItalyOctober 24, 2007.(Rome Film Festival) 
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  • Norberto 2022-04-23 07:05:22

    Love country rock :-)

  • Stanford 2022-04-21 09:03:46

    Such a gorgeous last waltz, no regrets in this life

The Last Waltz quotes

  • Robbie Robertson - Guitar: The Band has been together 16 years. Together, on the road. We did 8 years in bars, dives, dance halls, 8 years of concerts and stadiums, arenas. We gave our final concert, The Band's final concert, and we called it The Last Waltz.

  • Robbie Robertson - Guitar: We wanted it to be more than just a concert. We wanted it to be a celebration.

    Martin Scorsese - Interviewer: A celebration of a beginning or an end?

    Robbie Robertson - Guitar: Beginning of the beginning of the end of the beginning.

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