The Librarian III: The Curse of the Judas Chalice movie plot

2022-03-26 08:01
The film tells the story of Flynn Carson, who returned to the Metropolitan Library in New York after many years of wandering overseas. He plans to resume his old tasks and settle down. However, a strange dream thwarted his idea, and he was led to New Orleans. There, he became involved in the grand schemes of the notorious vampire prince Vlad Dracul. Flynn must defeat his own horrors as before and preserve the Holy Grail of the legendary artifact The Last Supper.
Jonathan Frakes will continue to play Judson, a former librarian who is now a curator. Judson, a former Marine, was an expert in combat. Jane Curtin will also use her character Charlene in the last film as a rigid, careful, acerbic, HR director without any personal pride.
Heroes actress Stana Katic takes the lead in the third installment. Her character is Simone Renoir, a singer at a New Orleans jazz club, and her hypnotizing performance quickly puts the fascinated Flynn in the air. In fact, her secret identity is the guardian of the Holy Grail, and she will do anything to prevent others from getting the whereabouts of the Holy Grail. In addition, she has another identity. 400 years ago, Vlad Dracula, the vampire prince, turned her into a vampire (alas, vampire again), and she has been searching for the one who stole her soul and left her to walk in the dark night. the devil. Of course Flynn is willing to help her.a love-hate journey begins.
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The Librarian III: The Curse of the Judas Chalice quotes

  • Sergei Kubichek: Who do you really work for? FBI, CIA? Why are you after Judas Chalice?

    Flynn Carsen: I already have the Judas plate and the Judas knife and fork. I want the complete set.

  • Sergei Kubichek: Who could stand against an army led by Dracula, manned by a hundred, a thousand undead?

    Flynn Carsen: He's here? You raided the coffin?

    Sergei Kubichek: We are going to bring order back to Russia. We are going to rebuild Russia to her former glory and beyond.

    Flynn Carsen: [shaking his head in feigned amazement] Wow! I've actually never sat this close to a psychopath before.

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